ListView / CListData Question

Hi there, I am very new to developing with the Yii framework so this may be a silly question however it’s this bug has been puzzling me for some time.

I have created the majority of the backend functionality for the application, however I’ve run into some issues now that I’ve started to develop the theme for my site. I am using CListView to generate dynamic content (which is passed to a _view) so I can iteratively populate a page. I have no problems with this method however at run time it seems to import some extra jQuery functionality (listview) and add a couple of extra (unwanted) divs around some content I have created.

I have high lighted the extra divs in the example code below to attempt to highlight my issue

<div id="page_container"> 

       <div id="page_1" class="swiper chitpage"> 


---- starting here ---- 

<div id="yw0" class="list-view"> 

<div class="summary"></div> 


<div class="items"> ---- end ----


        <div class="txt ui-state-default"> 

                <div class="head"><p>My First</p></div> 

                <div class="text"><p>My Abstract Data</p></div> 




        <div class="txt ui-state-default"> 

                <div class="head"><p>My Second</p></div> 

                <div class="text"><p>Some more abstract data</p></div> 




        <div class="txt ui-state-default"> 

                <div class="head"><p>My Third</p></div> 

                <div class="text"><p>Abstract Title: Limited to 160 Characters</p></div> 




        <div class="txt ui-state-default"> 

                <div class="head"><p>Testing</p></div> 

                <div class="text"><p>This should be limited to 160 characters, let's see if it works by adding a really really long string of text. If it does work then it means I have misunderstoo</p></div> 


---- starting here ----</div> 



<div class="keys" style="display:none" title="/cPrototype/index.php?r=chit"><span>4</span><span>5</span><span>6</span><span>7</span></div> 

</div>  ----- ending here -----                           

None of the divs above are there when I am creating the code in the views - however they’re making it hard for me to implement some jQuery drag-and-drop functionality.

If anybody could steer me in the right direction, it would be a massive help!

Many thanks in advance,


Yes they are added by CListView… the "items" div holds all the data records… the "keys" div for example holds the primary key values…