List Of Configurable Options In Yii?

Hi, i’d like to know if theres any list of configurable options in config/main.php or how it works, I see you can configure many things from there.


Take a look at CWebApplication.

Thanks, how could I see what propperties do I have available for modify on these components?

in dir yii/docs/guide there are several guides witch includes config options.

@zuldek, theres nothing like a "docs" folder in the .zip, are you sure?

Hi Jorgee,

Yii is a component-based OOP framework. And once you have figured out how an Yii’s application get constructed, then suddenly everything becomes quite clear and simple. All you have to do will be just looking up the class reference. Every single information that you need is written there in a way that you can access it very quickly.

In “index.php” we will create an instance of CWebApplication. CWebApplication is a “CComponent” object, and many of its properties (e.g. “db”, “urlManager”, “clientScript”, …etc) are “CComponent” objects too. And those component objects can have other component objects as their properties in tern. In short, Yii’s application is a nested set of components. So we can easily configure the application component with a nested set of array.

It’s clearly stated in the reference what component has what components as its properties, and what properties can be configured.

So, in fact, there’s no need for the thing like “list of configurable options”. :)