List of all Yii 3 packages


List of all Yii 3 packages at one place:

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I wonder if in the future Apache Solr will be supported by Yii3, as a separate module.

Solr is a widely used search platform. Therefore Solr is also supported by many PHP frameworks. But not with Yii.
Already for Yii2 the Solr support is a problem. The Yii2 Solr extensions are deprecated and no longer work, as the underlying PHP Solarium libraries evolve and are now incompatible with the outdated Yii2 Solr extensions. The Yii2 extensions are also mostly maintained by individuals.

But since Apache Solr is a widely used and frequently deployed product, it would be good and right that this is offered as Yii3/db-solr extension by a broad community, not only by single developers.

It’s been a long time since the list was updated

Bug was fixed few days ago. Now list is up to date.

Overall progress: yii3-progress

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still no change several days