LinxBooks - Open-source Accounting Software powered by Yii

Hi all

We’ve just released a beta version of our simple accounting software, for small and medium businesses. It’s fully powered by Yii and Bootstrap. We’re building our product website now, and will install an online demo soon. But meanwhile, you can download a version at GitHub (will post link soon, because I’m a new member to the forum, I’m not allowed to post link in my first post)

We’ll be adding Developer Wiki to Github as well.

Hope to hear feedback from you guys!

Basic features include:

  • Create and manage multiple users

  • Manage customers

  • Manage vendors

  • Create, delete, edit Invoices, Quotations,

  • Record invoice Payments,

  • Manage, renew, terminate contracts,

  • Keep track of company expenses…

  • Manage bills and bill payments

  • Generate Reports (Align Report, Cash Receipt, Invoice Journal, GST report, Sales Report, Customer Statement),

  • Export to PDF.

  • Send email reminder


Joseph Pham (Founder of LinxHQ Pte Ltd)

Some screenshots I forgot to attach


Beauty interface!! Congrats!!

Thank you for[size=2] helping us post our link here :)[/size]

Thanks Joseph!

Will You give us final version?

Best regards, Asim

Hi Asim

Yes, we’ll be releasing updates regularly (about once a week). We will have the schedule for version 1 soon, and hopefully together with it is Payroll module.


Hi Joseph,

Congratulations! Waiting for final version.

Hi all, We’ve just released Payroll module. If you have time to try out, we’ll highly appreciate any feedback (here or simply submit an issue on Github)! Thanks!

Also, we’re working on accounting features. Can someone collaborate with us (as business analyst)?

Congratulations. Is it possible to grey out already inserted expense?. I believe a payment voucher can only have unique line items and as it is, it can lead to multiple insertion.

How do you set chart of accounts?. Thanks

This is probably too late but if you are still needing somebody to collaborate on the accounting features, I am willing to do that. I am a Finance/Accounting professional. shoot me an email at The demo doesn’t seem to work on the website.

Linkbooks is a good one. Congrats. We are currently using Zipbooks.

Are you giving your service free or what is your plan and pricing? I tried to find it in the website but I think somehow I missed that. There was demo version as far as I remember. Thanks.

Hey thanks for the offer. There’s some new development happening on our end right now. If things turn out well toward more finance/accounting directiong, I’ll contact you about collaboration.

Again, really appreciate your offer!


Good Job