Links that "remember" querystrings


This is abit of a follow up to one of my previous posts.

As a bit of background, i'm currently building an online catalogue for a used-car sales company.

Previously i had built a search form functionality that submits via GET which works pretty well.

So the URL, expectedly, would be something like this after i submit.


However, i now need to build a list of Makes (The car manufacturers) which will filter the list by Make when i click on these.

I would like the links to seamlessly work with the form, meaning it'll need to replace the CarSearchForm[make] GET variable if it exists from the form, and "remember" the rest of the variables so the form is in the correct state after i click any of the links.

Does this make sense and is it clear what i am trying to achieve? And is there any seamless way i could make this work?

Currently i am hardcoding the CarSearchForm[make] querystring values into the link href's so filtering would work, but it wouldn't remember the submitted form values.

Would ideally like to have the links work with the form as the links will be in the same page as the search form.

You could do this to filter by Makes on top of the existing filters:





Because i wanted to make that list of links a Widget, i had to use


instead but otherwise all works perfectly.

Thanks alot for your time once again.