links in CJuiDialog

How to control the CHtml::link in zii.widgets.jui.CJuiDialog??I mean i have put the dialog box in a grid view…i want dialog box to open in the grid view itself…

The dialog box opens in a div on the top of the page, it is desined for it.

How can it open inside a GridView?

If you want a link in the grid view that opens a dialog, just use:

CHtml::link('link name','',array('onClick'=>'$("#dialogBoxId").dialog("open");'));

Note that my code is just an example, you should adapt to your needs in order to effectivly use it.

No,no what i mean is…in a grid view…for update action i want a dialog view to open in which i had put a form to update…did u get me??instead of

echo CHtml::link('open dialog', '#', array(

   'onclick'=>'$("#mydialog").dialog("open"); return false;',

which redirects to a link which on clicking opens a dialog box.I want it to be rendered in the grid view itself…

I didn’t get you.

Your link will redirect to another page? And what there should be in this new page?

Or is not redirecting?

What I want is…the dialog box need to be opened in grid view…

ok ok i got it wat to do… :)

provide us your code :rolleyes: