Linking a Yii app up to another API (Wufoo)

I’m creating an application in Yii which is a basic ‘order tracker’ quite similar to the Trackstar Project Management app in the Yii book.

However, we want to integrate the app with existing WuFoo forms. WuFoo has a REST API, and also implements Webhooks, so what I’d like to happen is that whenever a new form is submitted via WuFoo, my app takes the data from it and puts it into the system.

I’m new to Yii, so I’d really appreciate some pointers as where to start with this?

Anyone got an idea of how to do this?

Worked out how to do this: Webhooks supply data as a standard POST.

I’ve created a separate controller to handle the POST, and written a helper class to convert the WuFoo data into Yii model attributes. Then it’s just a case of saving the data via the model class, exactly the same as you would data from a view.

Hi igray,

How did you go about separate controller to handle POST?? I am trying to do something similar and i am new to yii too. any clue you give will be helpful.