Linkback Extension

I have just added the Linkback extension that provides Pingback and Trackback clients and servers for blogging applications.

The client side is a behavior that is attached to and called from the controller that displays posts.

The servers are implemented in a controller.

To suit as many applications as possible single and multiple blog schemas are supported, blog (in muti-blog applications), post and feedback models are defined in the configuration, as is the attribute mapping of the feedback model onto the server.

I hope it proves useful. :D

I have just added V2.0 of the Linkback extension.

This changes the clients to a filter that is applied to the controller/action that displays individual posts. Using a filter greatly simplifies adding the auto-discover code to the post (thanks to Qiang for pointing this out).

It is strongly recommended that anyone using V1 changes to V2 of this extension.

It’s not working for me. :)

Here’s my controllerMap configuration entry:

	'controllerMap' => array(

  	'linkback' => array(

    	'class' => 'ext.linkback.controllers.linkbackController',

    	'uriRegex' => '([a-z0-9]+(-[a-z0-9]+)*)'



The regex matches the slug of the post. slug is used as id.

Here’s the filter in my post controller:

	public function filters() {

    	$filters = array(

        	'accessControl', // perform access control for CRUD operations


    	$post = $this->getPost(); // must return empty if no matching post

    	if (!empty($post)) {

        	$filters[] = array(

            	'ext.linkback.filters.LinkbackGenerator + show',

            	'post' => $post,

            	'route' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('post/view'),

            	'params' => array('slug' => $post->slug),



    	return $filters;


I fail to see anything put in the header - I don’t need to do that if I’m using the filter, right?

I also want to know: how do I test this?


Not good:

'ext.linkback.filters.LinkbackGenerator + show',

'route' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('post/view'),


'ext.linkback.filters.LinkbackGenerator + view',

'route' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('post/view'),

Consider updating the instructions.

Now I get those ‘things’ in my header.

One small step forward.

However, I don’t get any pings (or pongs for that matter)…

Anyone got any hints, tips, tricks? :rolleyes:

Now I am trying with this uriRegex:


V3.0 of the Linkback extension is released, along with a manual that provides configuration and usage details, API, and example code.

V3 improves separation of the client and server functionality, simplifies configuration and usage, and introduces events on a linkback being registered.

I hope you find it useful for your project.

Hey Yeti,

Nice Extension thou I am still having trouble getting it functional, Your documentation is excellent except for more detail in the examples. maybe you could show how to get this working in the blog example provided in the default Yii installation.