Link in breadcrumb doesn't work


May be my problem has an obvious solution but I cannot find it.

My breadcrumb contains this

<ul class="breadcrumb">

    <li><a href="/">Accueil</a></li>

    <li><a href="/forum/forum-theme/view?id=2">Index du forum</a></li>

    <li class="active">Se procurer le livre</li>


Every link seems to be correct because, in the browser’s inspector, if I right click on the link and choose open in a new tab, it works.

But in the page, regarding, the second link (href="/forum/forum-theme/view?id=2") when I pass the mouse pointer on it, it doesn’t appear to be a link and is not clickable.

What can prevent it to behave as a link? I need help.

Is the first link clickable?

Yes it is.

Is any other element overlaying the second link? You can use your browser’s inspector to find out.

Many thanks. That was the trouble. I should have guessed this myself.

Mee to also got the same problem, after seeing this I tried myself and now my problem is solved