link collection of beginner resources (pin this maybe?)

Here are links to “Getting Started” documentation beyond the blog demo and Creating First Yii Application. I hope the convenience of having these links in one place is useful. (And to be clear, I’m not connected to these documents or their authors.)

I also hope that there are other valuable sites out there that folks can point to. Please reply with corrections or links to other newbie tutorials of fairly general scope.

Never worked with a framework? The whoopass tutorial - and its forum thread - Where to Start with Yii have some useful perspective. Note that this tutorial simplifies(?) things by using forms instead of database access.

Kevin Korb’s Yii Framework + MySQL tutorial is clear and concise.

Questions? The General Discussion forum is the place to ask.

The Tips, Snippets and Tutorials forum. (you are here)

What do folks think of a beginner link collection like this being pinned / sticky? The poll is just to satisfy my curiosity, if a moderator does anything about it, that’s just a bonus.

What about creating a wiki page, so anyone could contribute to it?

The effort you made is appreciated, but there are a lot more useful stuff out there that deserve to be listed here.

Thank you, a wiki page could be much better. I had hoped for folks to reply with additions, but that wasn’t in the cards. It sounds like you know of a few sites to add, could I ask you the favor of adding something to the Beginner / Intro Tutorials cookbook?

The main reason that I thought having a pinned article would be good is that I imagined it would be easier for new users to find a list there. When I first checked out the site, “The Yii Cookbook” didn’t sound like a beginner sort of place, so I didn’t even think of it. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for these links

You are very welcome. Go forth and conquer!