line break

How can I change this space to a line break in…

<?php echo $model->attribute1.' '.$model->attribute2;?>

I have tried ‘\n’ and ‘r\n’

Add next line as first in your layout file, or disable layout, and next line as first in your view file(or controller action function)

header(‘Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1’) for example.

Html doesn’t recognize /n character(or forget everything else I wrote and just use <br /> if you want html output)

if you want to show a line break in html use <br /> as Ivica said.

if you’re programming for console, then it could be useful to have a \n but you have to put in double quotes:

"first line\nsecond line"

if you put in single quotes:

'first line\nsecond line'

the \n will not be interpreted.

Or just use PHP_EOL constant: $line1 . PHP_EOL . $line2

Thanks a Ton Weavora … Helped a lot after load of silly trial of various options