Limiting Text Area

Hey guys, quite a simple question that I Can only seem to find one post on(probably because its so simple). The one post I found was suggesting using an extension however I was thinking maybe there is an easier way. I have the following text area

  echo $form->textArea($model, 'TestReason', array('rows' => 5, 'cols' => 5));

I wish to restrict that to a certain number of characters, is there an easy way to do this? Would ‘max’=> 10 do or do I have to go with the extension? Sorry for the silly question and thanks in advance for any answers :)

Can anyone help with this?

There is no such attribute for textarea. It can be done with javascript. There are many solutions (including jQuery plugins) you can find in Google, but would be nice to have a good extension for this…

Ah grand, was just checking if there was an easy solution that I was missing :), Cheers for the answer man.