limit in my query is not working

Hi all,

I have a query to retreive some date from the db.

    private function loadMauMauUsers() {

    	return User::model()->active()->validemail()->completeprofile()->with('userprofile', 'userskillconfigs')->together()->findAll(array('condition' => 'id_gametype='.Gametype::MAUMAU), array('limit' => 3, 'order' => 'created DESC'));


In this query the limit of 3 is not working… Seems like it is a issue with the userskillconfigs table. if I also remove the together the issue is still there.

Any ideas?

return User::model()->active()->validemail()->completeprofile()->with('userprofile', 'userskillconfigs')->together()->findAll(array('condition' => 'id_gametype='.Gametype::MAUMAU, 'limit' => 3, 'order' => 'created DESC') );


the limit is still not working… seems like the limit is on all rows and not on the User row. How can I select just the so that the other part is loaded by using lazy loading?

is there a shortcut how to add the column to be selected in the command at the top?


if you remove together() it should work as expected