After a pause, re-launched Lily extension. Almost a year ago I’ve posted it on GitHub, but then there was a period, when I had no time to bring it up to the “OK” point. I mean, year-ago version was half-made, but what is now, is quite appropriate to look at.

Lily on GitHub

Sample project on GitHub


Lily is an Yii module that provides user managment funtionality. It allows you to authenticate using various services e.g. Google or Twitter. Module uses EAuth extension in order to achieve it. Also it supports simple authentication via email-password pair.

Out of the box it only provides only a skeleton for user data management through AR realtions. It doesn’t contain any fields such as name or birthday. You’re free to create exactly what you want to.

Module support simple user managment functionalities, such as delete and ban. It’s written with use of Yii’s authentication manager, so it’s easy to manage user’s permissions on module’s actions.

When using this module user can have multiple ways to authenticate (e.g. twitter + email-password). Also you can merge two user accounts into a single one. This action will be suggested if you’re trying to use credentials that already were used by another user. You will be able to set a handler on the user merge event in order to update your tables (for example, to change the owner of content).

Please, use this forum topic for questions about module’s use. For issues and bugs, please use Github:

P.S. Please take a look at Plans on future (@TODO) section on GitHub page. If you have time to help with one of these points, I’ll be very happy to recieve your help. Especially it applies to texts, labels and translation.