Biggest public database with legal information in Sweden.

1,200,000 persons and companies. Half million court sentences and millions other documents.

280,000 monthly visits.


Is it Yii 1.1 or Yii 2.0? Any interesting facts?

Web interface of lexbase.se is Yii 1.

Web interface of verifiera.se (corporate version) is Yii2 and SphinxExtension.

We had 1,3 million visitors in first 3 days. I would to say that Yii can hold this without problem, but I do not know :) because our infrastructure was build very badly.

After rebuild our system was tested to hold 200 request/second, now we have all the staff, total 10 virtual servers around Europe and 6 physical servers. And you know what, when we got this 200 r/s, servers load like 0% :S So I do not know, anyway, Yii fastest framework if we dig in code and compare with Symfony and Laravel.

Also we got a great attention from hackers. It is not related to Yii itself, but we have things that not known in web community at all (url hash, IDS), although PHP itself have functionality like Url hash algorithm. Recently we got 15 GB/s DDos on mail servers (our web is hidden behind CloudFlare and proxies around europe)

Oh! 15 GB/s DDos is nasty… how do you deal with that?

Thanks for sharing btw., it’s always interesting how Yii is used.

For web we are using CloudFlare, and it just works.

Because of this Ddos was pointed to our mail servers. Mail protocol can not be protected with CloudFlare.

So we used Gmail like an analog of CloudFlare for email. MX record points to Gmail, and Gmail redirects to our actual mail server.

For outgoing mail from website we could use something like Mailgun or SES, but our admin just switches IP addresses.