Let your CGridView remember the last page you viewed

Hi folks,

Still loving to develop applications with Yii. I do have one question abount the CGridView. I use it like it is generated for me (thus with an CActiveDataProvider created in a controller). Now my question is, is it possible to let the Pagination component remember the last page you were on.

Example: You have 4 pages and you start to edit something from page 3. When you go back, you start at page 1 again and you have to go back to page 3 to edit the next line. Is there any way to make the Pagination remember page 3 in this example?


hide the gridview, show edit form in a iframe

Notice the URL of the pager links contain GET variables - perhaps you can capture these variables and insert them in your ‘edit’ link.

you can save the link params in the session or cookies