Learning Yii - Where to Start?

Yii Guides and Tutorials

So, you want to learn Yii, but don’t know exactly where to start?

You are in luck! because here is a list of guides and tutorials that will help you to a flying start.

Guides / Tutorials:

First, read the Guide! It is really good - keep it open in your browser.

This tutorial at Tuts+ is great: Tuts+ : Jeff Reifman’s How to Program With Yii2

How-tos and recipes, written by the Yii community: Alexander Makarov’s Yii 2.0 Community Cookbook


David Connelly’s Yii 2 Video Tutorials - Connelly is awesome!

Tom King’s Beginning Yii 2.0

DoingItEasyChannel’s Yii2 Lessons

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There are some great videos on youtube that also helped me alot in learning

Yii Document and forums helped me a lot.

Also check out Larry Ullman’s “The Yii Book.” He’s currently updating for Yii2.

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  1. First of all, watch the video tutorial of the Yii2 framework by David Connely on YouTube.

  2. Then switch to Doing It Easy channel.

  3. Then come to the documentation.

For Portuguese speakers, you can access my blog.

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It would seem that David Connelly’s Yii Video are gone!


I have following page where I place explanations and snippets which can be just copied and pasted. Like exporting to PDF or CSV so not everything must be studied… I hope this can also help beginners…
In the article there are also linked my previous articles about Yii1 and general Yii development. Could be also interesting. But a real manual is of course better when one is beginning.

Zura Sekhniashvili, aka ‘TheCodeholic’, has provided videos on YouTube covering Yii2 basic and advanced.

Most of the videos show unedited process of building Yii2 website with the development process exposed. Trials and tribulations.

Yii2 Framework Tutorial, using Yii2 basic template - Crash Course for Beginners, August 2019, about 2 hours

There is also playlist of shorter videos based on the above basic tutorial.

Five videos using Vue.js and Yii2 basic to create Rest API. Vue.js, Yii2 Rest API Notes, March 2020, about 3 hours.

REST API using Yii2 framework Advanced template

Part 1 of YouTube clone using Yii2 Advanced template is also on YouTube via freeCodeCamp.org (published April 2020)

Part 2 of YouTube clone YouTube Clone Comments in Yii2 Framework - Full Working Process, December 2020, about 7 hours.

Part 1 Yii2 E-commerce website - Full Working Process almost 12 hours in one video, January 2021

Part 2 Dashboard with statistics, backend admin, bug fixes, about 2 hours

Part 3 Webpack Integration, about 1 hour

TheCodeholic GitHub provides repos associated with videos.

I would like to commend Zura for his work. YMMV.