Learning OOP

Hi everybody,

I am very new to Yii and I think I have made the right decision to develop web applications with PHP.

I am pretty good at procedural programming with PHP/MySQL but Yii is totally and purely OOP.

Is there a place online where I can get (for free of course!) a very good and efficient tutorial about Object Oriented Programming, that would be relevant to quickly start understanding and developing Yii applications?

Thanks very much.

OO Programming is it’s own beast (php and Yii is another).

I learnt OO programming with Java, which was nice.

Thanks Badger,

I understand that.

But I think it would be good I start without a specific language. Any suggestions on free online tutorials?

I came to Yii from a purely procedural background (although I used classes sometimes to group functions).

Read various tutorials until you are comfortable with the terms class, method, property and extend. Then look into automagic functions like __get, __set, and __construct. Once you are there, I suggest that you just jump in at the deep end and start working. You’ll learn a huge amount from delving into Yii’s core and seeing how things are done - this is what helped me the most. You’ll quickly learn OOP from using Yii.

Thank you very much Alex,

That comforts me in diving into Yii quickly.


Maybe this helps: http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorial/oo-php-part-1-oop-in-full-effect