LDAP Driver

Hello everyone,

I am new to Yii and I have a question. Is there a Yii driver/plugin for LDAP? I would like to use Yii, for a project I’m involved it, where LDAP is the data source.


We use ldap… there is nothing integrated in Yii but it is easy to integrate. One easy way is to download something like adLDAP, throw it into the components folder, and use it anywhere in Yii to authenticate or do whatever else.

Thanks lgoss007.

I will check it out.

I’ve developed an extension called ldaprecord to access ldap data.

Maybe you can give it a trial.


I am looking to add not only LDAP/AD authentication to my intranet site, but also take advantage of the Active Directory Groups for role based security. My understanding from HERE and HERE is that in order to be able to access the data I want using Yii::app()->user, I need to not only change the authentication function in the UserIdentity class, but also build a User model that will get the group [and other] data for me from the LDAP/AD source.

I was thrilled to see ldaprecord from @Flinx and adLDAP that @lgoss007 recommends and I have downloaded and started playing with both. I have found that both of those projects show huge potential, but, unless I am missing something, both are lacking in proper documentation on how to implement in Yii.

Is there more documentation on either that I am missing? Please advise.