Hello fellow Yii community!

The last few months I have been working on a Yii-powered cloud-tool for managing a small company’s files called Lazydok. Lazydok is a mini Document Management System that works through email attachments (please check below for more info on what it is and what it does)

I would like to invite you to give it a try (it is a good example of what is possible through this wonderful framework!)


Invitation code on the signup page: 1357

Please contact me directly if you 1. find a bug 2. want to leave a comment 3. want to help/work on this project :)

Lazydok is still in beta stage but should be stable enough for most major tasks.

I copy below from LazyDok FAQ:

What is LazyDok?

LazyDok is a handy tool to store, access and share your company files over the web.

[b]How should I know if it is right for me?


If you daily use email to communicate and disseminate information then probably it is a good fit. If you commonly find yourself missing important files or you need to access them from out-of office locations then you should certainly try it. If combined with the above you don’t currently use a document management system or you find your current one a burden then LazyDok will bring a feel of fresh air to your daily routine.

[b]How am I adding files to the system?


Strictly through email attachments. Lazydok provides you with a personalized and secure email address where you send any file you want to be added to the system. Lazydok uses the subject of the mail as an additional descriptor for attachments. Feel free to add as many attachments as you want to a single mail to speed up the process. Lazydok stores the content of the email as a conversation with semantics over the attachment(s).

[b]What if I want to import complete folders?


LazyDok does not work with folders. No matter what, it is not a good idea to import full folders to any document management system. Use Lazydok to store important documents that are considered final.

[b]How can I organize my files?


You organize files through Rules, Tags and Views. Rules help you keep your library in a good shape. Tags help you find your files in an efficient way. Views are stored searches that you may use to organize files under a wealth of business requirements.

[b]How can I find files?


Lazydok shows by default the latest uploaded files from all individuals in your hierarchy path. On top of that you can use the adaptive search engine or stored Views to locate your files via any bit of information you remember. Forget traversing folders; they are the easiest way to lose track of your files.

How am I sharing files with colleagues?

By default LazyDok shares files through the company hierarchy. In this way if, for example, you are the head of the company you can see all documents from all your colleagues. You can however, share files with any individual by sending them a download URL.

[b]How many files can I add to my account?


There is no limit on the number of files and Lazydok never runs out of space. Depending on the type of your account there are restrictions on the data amount you can store and the number of collaborators.

[b]What type of files can I store to my account?


There is no restriction on the type or size of files as long as you can send them as an attachment.

[b]Is my data secured?


Absolutely! All files are stored in a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. Objects are redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities. We regularly verify the integrity of data stored using checksums. If corruption is detected, it is repaired using redundant data. LazyDok is much more secure than any hard-disk or local-network shared space.

Do you access my data?

All data uploaded to the system remain your data; we never access or analyze their content.

Why did you build it?

Lazydok was inspired out of our frustration with current document management systems. We needed something simpler, to the point, secure and always available. A document management solution has the potential to bring measurable value for companies that seek a competitive edge. However, current systems produce a cumbersome, inflexible, time-intensive and bloated experience; especially for a small business. Lazydok has been designed to offer a subset of what a full-blown document management system offers. But it is in the heart of small business needs; and it excels in what it does.

looking good. I really like the design :)

Hello.well done,

this is a very nice and neat work.

cheers :lol:

Thanks for the good words and for giving it a try :)

Lazydok is now alive.

Feel free to take the tour and create your own free domain (up to 1GB of data for free).

The URL once more (with a clickable link!)

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions from the community!

Nice and clean design. Also idea is interesting. Good luck with it :)