Newly released yii powered program for professional book-keeping. Released under Gnu GPL liscense so you can get the code yourself at

You can log in at with the username admin and the password admin.

Some of the more advanced usages of yii here are views with one to many to many views. Normally just one to many is the standard but we take it one stage further. The most advanced reuseable feature is a Report generation motor that is very unusual in that it is done with very little code yet is very powerful. However, the Report generator uses direct SQL calls so it is probably only useable in Mysql.

It is translated into 50 languages!

Check it out.

Nice one! I especially like the very Yii-ish code style. Very short, very extensible ;).

Thanks for sharing this. I am new to yii and its nice to be able to explore a complete application.


  • Lou

good really good but translation sucks in some languages:(

The translations are thanks to Google translate except for English, Swedish and Indonesian. I am happy that others are enjoying looking at this application!

Hii thanks for sharing this link. this is really great and good inspiration for my current project.

Hm, if not login I would say no Yii there :lol:

well done , congrats :rolleyes: thanks for sharing :)