Lazy Loading Type Pager For Clistview Or Cgridview

Hi All,

I thought of sharing something that I just made. I needed a pager in Yii that would work something like lazy loading. I scoured the internet but didn’t find anything suitable. Then I came across few articles which would work as the basis for lazy loading. To make the pager, I did the following:

  • extended CBasePager

  • extended CListView

  • created a view which just showed items

  • modified the controller function to return paginated data with ajax

The articles I have followed are:

Extending CListView

Partial rendering in CListView

  1. Creating new Pager:

I extended CBasePager class just to create a LOAD MORE button. I have put a span element instead of a tag since a tag would refresh the grid every time it is clicked. The code is as follows:



 * class TOCPager

 * - extend pager to make pager for TOC for content

 * - add 


class exPager extends CBasePager


	public function run()


		$currentPage = $this->currentPage;

		$pageCount = $this->pageCount;

		if($currentPage < $pageCount)


			list($controller, $action) = explode('/', Yii::app()->urlManager->parseUrl(Yii::app()->request));

			$theUrl = Yii::app()->request->url;


			echo '

				<div class="load-msg">

					<input type="hidden" id="pgNumber" value="'.($currentPage+1).'"/>

					<span id="paginator">LOAD MORE...</span>



			$cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();

			$script = '



					var containerElement = $(this).parent().parent().parent().attr("id");

					var itemsList = $(this).parent().parent().prev();

					var nextPage = $(this).prev().val()*1;

					var pageCount = '.$pageCount.'*1;

					var pgNumber = $(this).prev();





							$(itemsList).append(returnData); //append the content


							if(pgNumber.val() == pageCount)

								$("#paginator").parent().attr("style", "display:none;");





			$cs->registerScript('#script', $script, CClientScript::POS_READY);




  1. Next, I extended CListView just to return the items, not with wrapping tags. The code is as follows:



class PlainCListView extends CListView


	public $preItemsTag = '';

	public $postItemsTag = '';

	public function renderItems()


	    echo $this->preItemsTag."\n";





	        $render=$owner instanceof CController ? 'renderPartial' : 'render';


	        foreach($data as $i=>$item)







	            if($j++ < $n-1)

	                echo $this->separator;





	    echo $this->postItemsTag."\n";


	public function run()





  1. Thirdly, I created a small view that uses previously created PlainCListView for showing the list. An example of the view is as follows:


	$this->widget('application.widgets.PlainCListView', array(





		'viewData'=>array('userForumStatus'=>$userForumStatus, 'isLocked'=>$isLocked),






  1. Lastly, in the controller, I have followed the idea presented here. My sample code is as follows:

		if(Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest && isset($_GET['ajax']) && $_GET['ajax'] === $listID) 


			$this->renderPartial('_posts_list_nopager', array(

				'posts' => $posts,

				'listID' => $listID,






So, when you run everything, you will get a pager ‘LOAD MORE’ at the bottom of the list. If you click it, additional rows/items will be appended to the existing items block.

I hope this is helpful to everybody. I had hell of a time searching for right materials for this.

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