Layout Help

I am new to yii and learning layouts. I am using the default application generated by yiic. I went into controller.php and changed //layouts/column1 to //layouts/column2 and nothing changed on the web application. It looks like column2.php uses a sidebar and a zii widget. Why does my layout not change?

Check the controller that you are accessing. It overrides the main controller with

	public $layout='//layouts/column1';

I think yiic generates the controller with column1

You need to change or remove on every controller of the app.

Dear Friend

Definitely there are can look at the firebug.

Because menuitems are empty, the sidebar looks empty.

You can create some menu items and make the sidebar visible.

JUst for an example you can copy the following code in the view.






Thank you! Problem solved. Menu was not populated.