LaTeX Equations in php

hello everybody,

i am searching for a PHP solution to convert LaTeX Equations into images !!

i really get tired of searching (more than a week) with no hope to find a solution that render LaTeX into image (without using command line)

there is some other solutions like using MathML (XML type) but MathML not supported in chrome and safari !!

then i looked after converting MathML into image (PHP without command line) with no succeed.

the nearest solution for this problem i thing is using the PHP image library called imagemagick … but i don’t know how !!

is any one really knows how to accomplish this task !!


for ppl how dont know what is LaTeX … simply LaTeX is a text based solution that makes it possible to write mathematical equations …


\frac{a^2 - b^2}{a + b} = a - b

should end like :


I just googled "php latex to image"

and the second link is to LatexRender -

Have you tried that?

thanks for your concern mdomba,

actually i downloaded this week ago and make it to run BUT it requires you to install other command line tools

here is a quick intro about it :

LatexRender is a set of scripts [color="#8B0000"]that allows one to call LaTeX (or mimeTeX) from PHP programs[/color];

in particular, this allows users to enter LaTeX commands in a forum and, on posting,

have it replaced by a suitable gif or png. [color="#8B0000"]LatexRender requires either LaTeX and

ImageMagick or mimeTeX to be installed.[/color] The open source PHP code was originally

designed for use with phpBB, but it can be adapted for use with other PHP programs.

Details and example installations are given at

honestly i am kind of giving up :huh:

i found other solutions that use perl in FastCGI but i am still not sure it is not using the command line accomplish this.

if i find a solution then i’ll not hesitate to port it into Yii Extensions repo since i am really need it.

thanks mdomba for replay :)

Check the jsMath -


i never try js term !! really like our doctor always say (searching is an ART !!)

jsMath looks great and support old browsers too, i’ll give it a try and see if it suites.

thanks mdomba.

searching for JS end up with this great one: MathJax

i thing JS is better than finding a PHP script to do this, because JS is a client side and it will save some server load ;)

thanks again mdomba for this great idea (JS)