I had a problem yesterday with this extension:

It was not working with ajaxvalidation. I have change the

public function afterValidate($event) in LanguageBehavior.php and now it’s working.

Fixed code below

    public function afterValidate($event) {

        $owner = $this->getOwner();

        $owner_class = get_class($owner);

        // grab our posted translation attributes

        foreach ($this->translationColumns as $field) {

            if (isset($_POST[$owner_class][$field]))

                $owner->$field = $_POST[$owner_class][$field];


        // validate translation attributes

        foreach ($this->languages as $val) {

            $translation = new $this->translationClass;

            foreach ($this->translationColumns as $field) {

                $translation->$field = $owner->{$field}[$val['id']];

                if (!$translation->validate(array($field))) {

                    $owner->translation_error[$field][$val['id']] = $translation->getErrors();

                    foreach ($translation->getErrors() as $error) {

                        $owner->addError($field . '_' . ($val['id']), $error);





        // add errors to model errors for display at top of form

        if ($owner->translation_error) {


            return false;


        return true;


P.S. I’ve paste it here because I havn’t got enough permission to add Wikipage and to comment the extension.