krajee file input problem

the widget is using as the js library. when i select multiple files, e.g. 3 files, 3 files preview will appear, how can i remove one of them not all of them by click the "remove" button.

Note that the plugin is an enhanced wrapper of the HTML5 native file input.

The HTML native file input is a ONE WAY input… meaning… it cannot READ or EDIT data like other HTML inputs. You can only PUSH files ONE way from client to server ON each selection/change.

So if you have selected files through the input you can ONLY

  1. push them to server, or

  2. cancel the selection.

So to summarize, if you have selected multiple files for upload you cannot edit this selection (or pick one file, or selectively delete a file).

However, the plugin provides you with various events, methods, styling options, and plugging in buttons for such custom scenarios (you may need to rethink your UI and design if you need to use the file input by understanding its limitations).

If you are unclear - please check and read about the HTML5 native file input capabilities and then work on your design.

sorry, that did confuse me a bit. In case of blueimp and dropzonejs, they are able to preview yet they are able to remove one by one…

Yes - this is a simple file input plugin (not a file upload plugin) and is intended to use core HTML5 file input features for previewing and selecting files for eventual uploads.

This is not necessarily one of the heavy file upload plugins NOR is intended to offer an end to end server upload functionality prebuilt. As you pointed out, there are already many file upload plugins already out there - so this plugin is not necessarily intended to be mimicking those plugins.

The plugin was built with an intention to be a simple, faster, and snappy option for developers wishing to use the core HTML5 native file input functionality with the enhanced styles and previews - but without needing other overheads like validating upload progresses, or managing a image gallery, or manipulating files, or queuing files, or handling security while uploading, and other performance needs.

thanks, appreciate your feedback