Hi Guys,

I’m excited to announce the launch of Kleverz.com, a site dedicated to helping students buy and sell college textbooks and class notes locally. Buying and selling college textbooks and class notes is 100% free on Kleverz, so if you are a student or have friends who are students, please be sure to let them know how they can save on their textbooks using Kleverz!

I would also like to thank the Yii developers and everyone in the Yii community for all of their hard work and help. Kleverz.com is my first project developed with Yii and it was an absolute pleasure working with this framework. I have worked with a couple of other PHP frameworks, but Yii is by far the most coherent, flexible, and efficient framework I have worked with and looking forward to work with again.

Students Helping Students

By the way, we are continually working on improving the site, so please feel free to share any comments or suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks!

Nice site! And a nice idea. One observation: the fonts and overall style reminds me of either a Canadian or European site. I don’t know why exactly. Not that it matters either way. Good luck with it.

Thanks. Very interesting observation. Now that I look at it, to me the girl on the home page looks Canadian. I have no idea why!