Keeping Trace Of Previous Input Form

Hi everybody,

I’ve a page with a form and the render of the page depends on the value inserted in the form.

When i submit the form, the page i’m redirected to the same page with some changes. Now i want to keep track of the previous values inserted, so I can go back by hyperlink.

Basically i have a group of category, each one has some subcategories. My page contains a list of categories. In the form I can choose a specific category, once choosen

i’m redirected to the same page with the list of categories children of the choosen category, but i also want to have an hyperlink to go back in the previous page with the category-father and all its siblings.

Any idea?


So I think I found a solution,

I keep trace of the submitted url. Now if I have a form and a controller, how can i retrieve the url value in the controller after the form has been submitted?