Keep Logged In To Other Sites

is there a way to keep logged in when going to another yii app?, i want to use this for blogs

If you’re on the same server and use different vhosts (different host names in URL) this is not possible, because the session cookie is binded to one domain. You could only go “up”, that is use the main host in the cookie domain.

Well, there are some techniques for single sign-on to different hosts, but I can’t remember any extension for that.

well. in fact i just wanted to know if it was possible, because i would like to keep the logging when some user is coming from another app on the same server, if not then thanks for your replies

As nineinchnick has already said, this depends heavily on the domain name.

For example, if your main host is and your another host is - you can just adjust cookies config to use domain =, and that’s it.

If your domains are completely different, then you’ll probably need to consider using some special technoques to relogin automatically if cookie is not set yet.