Kartik's DateControl. Can't correct convert DATETIME format


Using the yii2-datecontrol extension along with yii2-detail-view widget.

But in my case i need DATETIME format,

Well, in this case my yii2-detail-view Attribute Configuration must be:


        'format'=>['datetime', 'dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm'],

        'type'=>DetailView::INPUT_WIDGET, // enables you to use any widget





As result, DATE part saved to DB successful, but TIME part is always "00:00".

I was traced ajaks request "datecontrol/parse/convert" and found that

this request must have field "type", but it have not. Please see screenshot:



So, I dont know what I do wrong, or mabe its bug…

Any comments or help?

PS. This is parseconvert controller:



As you see, if request is not contain "type" field, then type will set to "DATE".