KartikPanel shows up unwanted option

Hi guys,

using following code shows up feature, which is not wanted. Oddly enough, this atttitude won’t be shown up at another GridView with identical code

Here is code. Look at my attachement to see, which feature is not wanted!

Any ideas how to avoid showing up feature, which is not wanted?



    'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,

    'filterModel' => $searchModel,

    'filterSelector' => '.choiceRadio',

    'id' => 'cb',

    'columns' => $gridColumn,

    'responsive' => true,

    'showPageSummary' => false,

    'panel' => [

        "heading" => "<h3 class='panel-title'><i class='glyphicon glyphicon-globe'></i> " . $this->title . "</h3>",

        'type' => 'danger',

        'before' => Html::a('<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-plus"></i> Erzeuge Bewerber', ['/bewerber/bewerber/create'], ['class' => 'btn btn-success']),

        'after' => Html::a('<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-repeat"></i> Reset Grid', ['/bewerber/bewerber/index'], ['class' => 'btn btn-info']),

        'footer' => false,


    'toggleDataOptions' => ['minCount' => 10],

    'exportConfig' => true,


I would take a look at the html sourcecode of that page to find out where that editbox comes from.

This won’t help fixing my problem!

I used to get known using Debugger in Firefox that following html-tag will 'cause feature:

<textarea name="export_content"></textarea>



Nowhere in my script is this code. It’s created using GridView of kartik with parameters as having shown up above. So, I still don’t know how to remove this feature

I searched for export_content in kartik gridview source…

… it comes from renderExport().

So I guess if you set ‘exportConfig’ => false it will be removed

No, this won’t help!

I already tried to set all boolean showing above to false without any impact!

It’s caused by panel, 'cause only removing panel will remove feature,too. I need panel as a whole, but without this textarea(feature)

Remove the exportConfig option from the widget call.

If that doesnt help I would try to disable

public function renderExport() in Gridview.php

because that is the only place export_content is inserted.

So I did. I commented out following code line in kartiks GridView.php

Html::textarea('export_content') . "\n" .

Now, textarea has disappeared. It would be best, if kartik removed this textarea,'cause after each update(composer update), textarea will be available, again. That’s not fine…

Nevertheless, thanks a lot in advance. Gave u three reputation points for ur efforts helping me

Weißt du, wie man kartik über diesen Missstand informieren könnte?

Thanks. You could open an issue on github:

… with a link to this forum toppic.

So, I did. Here it is under nickname thomasoX


This thread can be closed as succesfully solved

The exportConfig has been wrongly configured. The exportConfig is an array property and you are wrongly setting it to a BOOLEAN true. Check docs… anyway the details are discussed in the github issue.