kartik timepicker clear button

Hi, i am using this widget


How can i add a clear button to clear the time selected.

Try this:

<?= $form->field($model, 'bday')->widget(DatePicker::className(), [

    'pluginOptions' => [

        'clearBtn' => true


]) ?>

Hi, thanks for your reply. But i am using kartik timepicker, not datepicker. I try the clearBtn anyway, but it doesnt add anything to the timepicker.

'pluginOptions' => [

          'defaultTime' => false,

          'minuteStep' => 5,

          'clearBtn' => true,


In kartik timepicker documentation, there is no ‘clearBtn’ for pluginOptions.

Anyway, i did create my own button and use javascript to clear the time input value, but it is place below the timepicker.

echo Html::button('Padam waktu', ['class' => 'btn btn-default', 'id' => 'btn-padammasa']);

Is there anyway to put it on the same line as the timepicker?