Kartik GridView reloads full page

I’m having a hard time fixing this problem.

I’ve configured the GridView perfectly, different ids between the Pjax and GridView but still the page reloads after the GridView has been replaced.

I checked the response of the Pjax and I saw that it returns the whole page, having an tag and I’ve read somewhere that if the response of Pjax contains tag then it will reload the full page.

I’ve managed to make this Pjax work perfectly on my other project but it uses bootstrap3 wherein I’m currently using bootstrap4, I’m not sure if it’s the problem.

Kindly help me. I’ve already checkd out all the solutions but it still didn’t helped me. Thank you.

Fixed! Pjax is not compatible with jquery v3.0.0

Hello. How did you fixed? What version of jquery do you have and how did you changed?