Kartik Gridview error (Division by zero) Exporting to PDF in the frontend

I am using the kartik Gridview in my yii apps and I use the builtin menu configuration for data export.
The export on the backend app works fine for all kind of data: xls,csv,json,text and pdf producing nice export.
In the frontend all work but not PDF for which I get a division by Zero error.
My investigation on the various forum did not provide any solution.
I just notice the attempt of the software to open small SVG file in the runtime folder under frontend/runtime that kooks as genuine SVG image. Is there a solution or any work around to fix this issue, other than excusing PDF export, that is not an option for me?
The configuration if the kartik export in the backend and frontend are identical.
Thanks for the support

without those details of what you want to do and all circumstance around it, no one will be eble to help!

My goal is very simple, get a pdf output of the gridview, that is a simple table of my SQL database as you can see in the screen dump. As explained it works fine for excel/csv/json, but it produces Division by Zero error if you select PDF

The problems occurs with all the views in the frontend application:
The code used for the configuration of the export service is as follow:

// set export properties
    'export' => [
        'fontAwesome' => true,
        'showConfirmAlert' => false,
        'exportConfig' => [
            'pdf' => ['filename' => 'Welcome-Ospiti-'.date("Y-m-d"),],
            'csv' => ['filename' => 'Welcome-Ospiti-'.date("Y-m-d"),],
            'txt' => ['filename' => 'Welcome-Ospiti-'.date("Y-m-d"),],
            'json' => ['filename' => 'Welcome-Ospiti-'.date("Y-m-d"),],
            'xls' => ['filename' => 'Welcome-Ospiti-'.date("Y-m-d"),],],
    // set your toolbar
        'pjax' => true,
        'pjaxSettings' => ['options' => ['id' => 'kv-pjax-container']],
    'toolbar' =>  [
            'content' =>
                Html::a('<i class="fas fa-redo"></i>', ['index'], [
                    'class' => 'btn btn-outline-secondary',
                    'data-pjax' => 1,
            'options' => ['class' => 'btn-group mr-2 me-2']


The same configuration work fine in all views of the backends application.
As far as I understand the PDF is generated via the mpdf package, the one that produce the error
Divide by Zero
I hope this give more background, but if you have additional questions please let me know.

You did not indicate that you are using any SVG image, so I would clear all MPDF cache files and see what happens

Well, I am not using any SVG, but it looks that mpdf is creating in the folder frontend\runtim\mdpf/mpdf a lot of SVG files, containing small images (see first image in the initial post) then processing those image you get the Division by Zero error.
By looking to debug information il appears that is generating when producing the export in PDF.
Not found for the moment any workaround to avoid this behaviour