kartik grid- remove complete header

On one view I use a small kartik-grid, but I want to completely remove the header and footer.

I have set the header, footer and toolbar to false, but it still shows an empty row above the column names and below the last row

[empty row]

column 1 | column2

data row 1

data row 2

[empty row]

    'dataProvider' => $dp_xx,


    'toolbar'=> false,//[],    

    'columns' => $columns,

    'bordered'=>true,      //?

    'striped'=>false,  // alternating line colors

    'condensed'=>true, // condense the height of the lines

    'responsive'=>true,      // true, then uses http://getbootstrap.com/css/#tables-responsive

    'responsiveWrap' => true,   // group areas when stacked on smaller screen

    'hover'=>true,         // higlight on hover



        'type'=>GridView::TYPE_DEFAULT ,


        'footer' => false,







        'type'=>GridView::TYPE_PRIMARY ,


        'footer' => false,