kartik EditableColumn with multiple GridViews

I have 2 grids to display information based on year in the same view and the following code for the editable column,


                'attribute'     => 'date_completed',

                'format'        => ['date', 'php:d/m/Y'],

                'class'         => 'kartik\grid\EditableColumn',

                'editableOptions' => function($model, $key, $index) use ($year) {

                    return [

                        'inputType' => Editable::INPUT_WIDGET,

                        'widgetClass' => 'kartik\datecontrol\DateControl',

                        'options'   => [

                            'type'  => kartik\datecontrol\DateControl::FORMAT_DATE,

                            'displayFormat' => 'php:d/m/Y',





The fields for the 2nd grid does not work due to id or form name clashes. I can’t find examples to give the control a unique name. Any ideas?