Kartik Editable Widget on DetailView

I’m trying to update a field using Editable on a DetailView. Using Firebug I can see that Editable is NOT posting anything. It is also performing a GET on the default form action. It’s ignoring the form action that I have specified for the Editable widget.

I’m using \kartik\detail\DetailView, I have the following instance of a kartik Editable widget:

[   'attribute'=>'company_id',


                    'value' => Company::getCompanyTitle($model->company_id),


                    'widgetOptions'=>  [

                                'class' => '\kartik\editable\Editable',

                                'attribute' => 'company_id',

                                'model' => $model,

                                'displayValue' => Company::getCompanyName($model->company_id),

                                'format' => Editable::FORMAT_BUTTON,

                                'inputType' => Editable::INPUT_DROPDOWN_LIST,

                                'data' => Company::listCompanyIdName(),

                                'options' => ['class'=>'form-control',],

                                'formOptions' =>['action'=>['updateCompanyId'],'method'=>'post'],




When I click Apply on the Editable Popover, I can see the following in Firebug:

GET loading.gif

GET view?id=1

How do I configure the widget to POST? And, how do I configure the widget to POST to the correct action in the Controller?