kartik datetimepicker


I’m using Kartik datetimepicker http://demos.krajee.com/widget-details/datetimepicker

but I’m having hard time to setup the startDate dynamically.

I need to block some dates right after the user select a radio button so I’m trying to set the startDate via javascript but doesn’t work. It shows 2 calendars

I tried: $(’#job-goods_ready_date’).datetimepicker(‘setStartDate’, ‘2016-06-18 15:00:00’);

and this is what I see https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfy907my7thctia/Screenshot%202016-06-18%2013.53.45.png?dl=0

you can see that the start date works in one but the other one is overwriting.

I tried to destroy and than create another one but still didnt work.

if ($(’#job-goods_ready_date’).data(‘datetimepicker’)) {



Any clue? Is that a bug?