Kartik DateRangePicker how to?

Hello All,

I have installed Kartik DateRangePicker and I’m unable to make it work with DynaGrid.

I have an "created" column into database which stores the dates I want to filter from(format YYYY-MM-DD).

in view index I have


	'attribute' => 'created',




	'filterType'=> GridView::FILTER_DATE_RANGE,

	'filterWidgetOptions' => [

		'presetDropdown' => true,


		'pluginOptions' => [

			'format' => 'YYYY-MM-DD',

			'separator' => ' TO ',





and in model search function I have:

	if(isset($this->created) && $this->created!=''){

		$date_explode = explode("TO", $this->created);

		$date1 = trim($date_explode[0]);

		$date2 = trim($date_explode[1]);

	$query->andFilterWhere(['between', 'created', $date1,$date2]);


But it seems that is not working. Setting date1 and date2 with fixed dates like 2016-01-01 filters results, so my guess is that the date range selected into index is not passed to the model.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Hi guys,

I’m also getting same issue with Gridview filter for date range. Kindly give solution for this issue.