Just not working out for me

Hello everyone,

I am new to YII and PHP. I have installed both on my system

PHP is located in: C:\xampp\php

YII is located in:C:\xampp\htdocs\YII\yii-1.0.3.r780

Now, i have added C:\xampp\htdocs\YII\yii-1.0.3.r780 to my system variables.

but when i try to enter :/wwwroot/yii/framework/yiic webapp /wwwroot/blog

in my command line my error is: the system cannot find the path specified…

All i want is to use YII, but the steps are not straightforward and it’s confusing :(

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


c:\xampp\php\php.exe  C:\xampp\htdocs\YII\yii-1.0.3.r780\framework\yiic.php webapp c:\wwwroot\blog

Thanks for the reply but can you please explain what i need to do? You only listed the directories-so i am still confused :(

Nope, it is the command you need to enter.


Just what I was looking for…almost. I am having the same problem. My set up is using WAMP5.

So I have php at:


YII is at:


I believe that the first two parts of my command line (using your example) will work up to the last part. I have used every combination I can think of…but my server path understanding is really weak.

Can you clarify what I should use after 'webapp'.

I've tried c:\wwwroot\blog\ and got a nice error saying the 'directory is not valid. Please make sure the parent directory exists'.

Using: c:\wamp\www\yii\blog simply gets the error 'The system cannot find the path specified.'


Got it to work. I think one fundamental flaw was a misconception that I would be creating the 'blog' directory inside of my 'yii' directory. It is created outside of it. At least that is what I have done so far…hope that is right.

so my final line was: c:\wamp\www\blog