Junior High School Website

This our new upgrade website from PRADO Framework to YII Framework, for this moments we lunch still under development and still learning more about YII Framework. Please visit us SMP Negeri 1 Blora in Indonesia language.

And now support for mobile at http://m.smp1blora.sch.id for smartphone using YII n JQuery mobile css

I had to use the google translate to understand how to navigate and I can say your site looks and feels very nice.

For how long have you been using Yii? Is this your first project or you have others?

I just migrate from PRADO to YII in this project start at Feb 2012 and still study it. For other project is for intranet application so I can publish at here. But as soon as I will publish it for internet, just waiting confirm for me if I has been publish it for internet.

look nice dude. Keep work