Jui Extension For Yii 2 - Issue With Event 'spin' On Spinner

I installed the JUI Extension for Yii 2 from https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2-jui.

With the following code, the creation of widget is OK:

		echo Spinner::widget(array(

			'name'  => 'year',

			'value' => $year,

			'clientOptions' => array(

				'min' => '2000',

				'step' => 1,


			'clientEvents' => ['spin' => "onSpin"],


The HTML code is:


jQuery('#w0').on('spinnerspin', onSpin);

But the event’s name ‘spinnerspin’ isn’t correct (see: http://api.jqueryui.com/spinner/#event-spin).

This event’s name is generated by the function registerClientEvents in the class ‘yii\jui\Widget’.

	protected function registerClientEvents($name)


		if (!empty($this->clientEvents)) {

			$id = $this->options['id'];

			$js = [];

			foreach ($this->clientEvents as $event => $handler) {

				if (isset($this->clientEventsMap[$event])) {

					$eventName = $this->clientEventsMap[$event];

				} else {

					$eventName = $name.$event;


				$js[] = "jQuery('#$id').on('$eventName', $handler);";


			$this->getView()->registerJs(implode("\n", $js));



The variable $clientEventsMap is protected, so it’s not possible to set the widget with ‘clientEventsMap’ => [‘spin’ => ‘spin’].

I don’t understand this design. Why is event’s name prefixed by $name? Why is it not possible to set clientEventsMap?

Fixed https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/commit/40d18557552abc78d6ad1243f672ffd86025eba3

It’s not directly possible to set events map because it’s not meant to be used by end user. It is for widget developer.