JTimePicker - hours options


I ma currently trying to use the JTimePicker from http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/jtimepicker/ to create a form with Start and End Times.

I need to be ale to change the Hour Options to go from 00 - 24 rather than the default 00-23.

Looking at the documentation you can pass the option attributes into the constructor as an array but I’m trying


in the options array but now when I try to click into the array nothing happens.

I have tried changing the integer values to strings and also tried using values less than 24 just incase there was a limitation with the widget, all with the same result.

Any ideas gratefully appreciated?


There’s a bug in the 0.2.2 version of the original JQuery. Check out my response at JTimePicker page

Thank you Taiff. Problem sorted :D