Json decode with full url

successfully create the json file

Actual output


id: "1",

images: "/images/feature/01.jpg",


However, how to make the absolute url for the image path? Cuz currently i only save the url in database with /images/01.jpg

If i wan something like "xxx.com/images/feature/01.jpg"

How to add the "xxx.com/" with database value?

Desire output


id: "1",

images: "xxx.com/images/feature/01.jpg",


below is my original code

public function actionIndex()


       $Criteria = new CDbCriteria();

       $model = FeatureImage::model()->findAll($Criteria);         

       if (empty($model)) $this->__fail('Not found');


        $response = [];

            foreach ($model as $model) {

            $response[] = array(  

             'id' => $model->id,

             'images' => $model->image,



        echo json_encode($response);



Please advise how to modify it.





Now, in your index action:

	'images' => Yii::app()->params['siteUrl'] . $model->image,

Thank you !!