Json And Ajax Very Slow

Hi all,

I got some issues with ajax requests performance. I wrote a script in a page which does a ajax request to a controller, this controller then generates a json answer which takes, wait for it, 2000ms.

I wrote the same request with a piece of code cutted by me esternally to Yii and it took 100ms.

Now, how can i solve the issue?

I even thought to write a lil script myself inside the app which manage Json requests, but i dont know how and where to check if the user logged in.

Any idea?

Tnx everybody.

Ηι dragonWeb

Are you sure that your Ajax code do the same thing that Ajax Yii does?

could you post the code both of two cases ?

public function actionBankAccountJson(){


		if (Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest)


			header('Content-type: application/json');


			$sql = 'SELECT bank_account.id as id, bank_account.name as name, bank.name as bank FROM bank_account 

						INNER JOIN bank ON bank.id = bank_id';



			$result = array(); 


			$result['tot'] = 0;


			foreach( $cc as $conto ){

				$saldoAttuale = BankAccount::getSaldoAl($conto['id']);

				$result['items'][] = array(

					'id' => $conto['id'],

					'name' => $conto['name'],

					'bank' => $conto['bank'],

					'saldo' => $saldoAttuale,


				$result['tot'] += $saldoAttuale;



			echo json_encode($result);




My code do the same thing, but I use php function in other page

Could you give your php native code too?

I think the problem is the $saldoAttuale = BankAccount::getSaldoAl($conto[‘id’]);

post also the getSaldoAl method code