JScript Error "ReferenceError, $ is not defined" only on linux

Hi all,

I have a weird problem, the above shown error occurs only on linux. When I run the program on my XAMPP environment everything works just fine. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? If it helps, I will post my code, but as it runs on windows I think the problem has a different course.

Any help, tip, whatsoever is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @thion007,

“$ is not defined” indicates that your app fails to load jquery.
You can use your browser’s developer tool to check the error. Probably your app fails to load jquery.js (or something like that) because of some case sensitivity problem which has been hidden in Windows environment.

Hi softark,

thanks for the fast reply. I will check that, although I haven’t changed anything concerning jquery. It should still be ‘factory default’.

UPDATE: Jquery is now loaded correctly. Thanks for your help!

Hi @thion007,

What was the problem? Would you please share your experience for other people?

Hi @softark,

sorry for the late reply. I’m not quite sure, what did the trick: I updated my packages via composer and: (a little embarrassing) the apache config on the linux machine is slightly different and I had a fixed url in my js.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Pretty common URL configuration problems between Linux and Windows, no need to be ashamed.
Thanks for sharing your solution.