JS Framework for Yii 3.0

Hi. I’m curious if there is any plan to include any frontend js framework like Vue or React in Yii 3.0? Just like how Laravel has integrated VueJs in their framework. Thanks.

No. There’s no need to do so. Vue, React, Angular… all work via REST API.


i agree with samdark

¿What are your opinion to support a query language for api like a GraphQL o Falcor in the ActiveController of the rest module? Thanks…

It has own uses but, in my experience, it’s not a simple task to implement proper permissions for GraphQL. Other than that it’s good when you have no idea what clients you’ll have.

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i agree with samdark

I want to vuejs in my web application like jquery.
I need to create some vue components by using module bundler tools like webpack.
Laravel using mix to achieve this. we need a tool like that to work with modular javascript.


why do not you use Laravel instead of Yii?

yii is yii and laravel is laravel. I like yii.
I’m expecting the solution for managing modular javascript in yii way.


You are right.

It would be interesting to have our own recipe, making the most of all the resources of the framework.

i think
if Yii3 not adapted Vue or React as default JS framework
(this is for flexibility and unlock from JS framework)

then, we need to dev “Yii3 app template” that implement it
for examplle “Yii3-vue-app-template” project or “Yii3-react-app-template”

this app template make dev with Yii3 more rapid.


i’m implement ajax on Yii2 between create & update is more FAST ever hope Yii3 will concern about this

public function actionAjax($id) 
    if ($id) {

        $model = $this->findModel($id);

    } else {

        $model = new Model();

    return $this->renderAjax('_form', [
        'model' => $model,