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(Skyscraper) #1

Hi. I’m curious if there is any plan to include any frontend js framework like Vue or React in Yii 3.0? Just like how Laravel has integrated VueJs in their framework. Thanks.

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(Alexander Makarov) #2

No. There’s no need to do so. Vue, React, Angular… all work via REST API.

(Xicath) #3

i agree with samdark

(MagdielMarquez) #4

¿What are your opinion to support a query language for api like a GraphQL o Falcor in the ActiveController of the rest module? Thanks…

(Alexander Makarov) #5

It has own uses but, in my experience, it’s not a simple task to implement proper permissions for GraphQL. Other than that it’s good when you have no idea what clients you’ll have.

(Jiuly Rojas) #6

i agree with samdark

Why Yii3 does not support PJAX and Cubrid DB no longer?
(jomonjohnson) #7

I want to vuejs in my web application like jquery.
I need to create some vue components by using module bundler tools like webpack.
Laravel using mix to achieve this. we need a tool like that to work with modular javascript.

How do we use jQuery and bootstrap and their alternatives in Yii 3?
(shane) #8

why do not you use Laravel instead of Yii?

(jomonjohnson) #9

yii is yii and laravel is laravel. I like yii.
I’m expecting the solution for managing modular javascript in yii way.

(shane) #10

You are right.