JQuerySlideTopMenu Zindex problem ?

Hi ,

I am trying out the JQuerySlideTopMenu and put the menu definition

in layout/main.php .

After mainmenu definition. but when i click the menu , the drop down menu display is ok but cannot be selected , when mouse over to those drop down items , it will roll up and unable to select. Sometimes some screen will cover the drop down menu items.

So I am quite sure that it is the zindex order of the menu is lower then those others html items . Correct me if i m wrong.

Now what I would like to find out is that possible to set my JQuerySlideTopMenu Zindex to higher , i.e. 1000 ?


HiĀ  ,

ok , i make a guess and do a search then i make the changes in the

css file , added z-index : 250 ; it solved.


I got the same problem.

Fixed by adding a z-index: 99; line in jqueryslidemenu.css / .jqueryslidemenu ul

.jqueryslidemenu ul{

   margin: 0;

   padding: 0;

   list-style-type: none;

   z-index: 99;