Jquery Ui Tooltip Wrapper

Hey guys!

I was using the qTip extension for tooltips. Then I found out that in Yii 1.1.13 that includes the lastest jQuery UI library, there is Tooltip plugin but there is no wrapper in ZII. So I created this few-liner:


Probably there will be "official" zii implementation in next version but I expect it to be quite similar.

Es el tooltip mas facil de implementar aqui un ejemplo:


	$this->widget('application.extensions.EJuiTooltip', array(

		'selector' => '.tool-tip', 


				'hide' => array(

					'effect' => 'fade',

					'duration' => 500


				'show' => array(

						'effect' => 'bounce',

						'duration' => 1000


				'position' => array(

					'my' => 'center bottom',

					'at' => 'center top-5',


				 'track' => false, //Seguimiento del tooltip al puntero